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Friday, October 4, 2013

One in the front, one in the back

Today's update, Episode 361, features Patrick, Amber, and Jennie playing a game of mostly luck. The one loser gets double-teamed by the winners, with the aid of either one or two strap-ons depending on how many real dicks are available. Painful and/or humiliating to be the loser of this one.

As for this week's preview of upcoming players, first we have the return of not only one of our prettiest players but one of our smartest as well. Please welcome back Isobel:

Isobel is doing naughty videos to help put herself through grad school, which is pretty hot IMHO. I believe she's almost ready to graduate, though, so I'm not sure how much longer we'll have her. Pretty soon, we'll have to call her Professor Isobel. And she played at least one game where her advanced college courses actually came in handy. It was pretty wild, but you'll have to wait to see.

And as for this week's newbie, meet Lika.

She's blonde, cute, and Ukrainian. I don't know about you guys, but I've always found Eastern European accents to be sexy as hell. Her limits are pretty tight, but I was still able to find some pretty hot ways she could participate. You'll see.


Riggins said...

Fuck yeah Isobel! Thanks Red, I can't wait to see her.

Anonymous said...

When you think its possible To a game their both gender risk bisexual sex


Disappointed said...

Again too predictable, Red.
You claim not to rig games, at least not 100%, but you surely stirred it towards a certain direction. Even before reading the spoiler i knew the outcome. Instead of the normal "loser has to take of an item of clothing" it's suddenly "winner gets to choose" in a 2 to 1 game. "theoretically" it can go in any direction but in reality there was always going to be 1 outcome. Practically determined in advance by the way this game was set up.
7 Years ago on a party holiday in Spain the prettiest girl of our group suggested we'd play a stripgame. Also the winner decided which person should take something off. We played with 5 guys and 3 girls. Needless to mention that within 15 minutes the 3 girls were wearing nothing but their thongs. Uneven odds gave us that advantage. (not that the girls minded, the smiled and kissed eachother trying to cover their breasts with their hands).
Also when stated he could he won but still lost obviously means he wanted to lose. Some do, that's not rigging because you don't have influence but it determining the outcome from the start. When you notice people like Patrick and Lily, who clearly play to lose, please kick them out because it's the same as rigging the games.
You know when they're involved they will be the losers.
Just saying you and Patrick set up and played the game towards the direction that the people requesting this wanted it.
I have nothing against gays but i think it would be smarter to start a website on the side, just like lostbetsgames, where guys lose and suck eachothers dicks and get strapons up their asses etc, so these people who requested this clip can buy those kind of clips and we (the majority) can enjoy the normal straight and lesbian acts.
Even most women prefer to see a naked woman over a naked man. Just a small percentage of men really want to see naked man.
The most frustrating part of it all for me is that i have posted several suggestions through-out the years and never 1 got done and lately there's a couple of people requesting gay stuff and you suddenly comply.

FederBear17 said...

Hey Red,

Rough game, haven't bought it due to the outcome, but the day will probably arrive when it peaks my interest enough to. The realism is what keeps this site great, so from that perspective, I hope it stays that way. If we have to suffer a bad outcome once in a while, well, thats the price we pay for a QUALITY product.

It was always gonna be tough for Patrick to be in a winning scenario just because he was going against two girls. So unless he won virtually every round, it was going to end up like this. (BTW, still hoping to see Jennie get banged soon lol).

Well, I'm looking forward to what the future brings with the new girls. They look hot. Hope we don't have to wait too long! Keep up the good work, Red!

Seahawks82 said...

Dude, I don't want to be a dick. But this site is fantastic just the way it is. Realism, unfavorable odds and all. I think that you need to calm down or perhaps, move on, how many games have you bought? How many will you buy in the future? One game that didn't turn out the way you wanted and you bitch. Come on man, red works hard and he deserves a shitload of credit for even coming up with and act upon this idea. Not to mention getting girls and guys to do this stuff. If you didn't like the outcome of a game or think it has been set-up for a loss, don't buy it. Simple as that. Otherwise, sit down, shut up and continue to enjoy the quality product provided to you for you viewing pleasure by a man much smarter and obviously more persuasive than you and I.

By the way, red, keep up the fantastic work! Can't wait to see some of the new girls and the forfeits they risked. Should be an exciting few months.

Anonymous said...

Great Game!

Thanks for looking after us strap-on pervy's;)

I think it took real guts to make this video for both Red and all the players.
Patrick is a real hero in my opinion!

Perhaps one small suggestion..
With realy emberrassing forfeits such as this one, try to accomadate the loser for a bit?
The winner(s) could be supportive and perhaps removing non-essential crew from the set? The set seemed to be tumultuous and poor Patrick seemed to be effected by this.

Keep up the groundbreaking new work


Red said...

@Riggins: Yep, Isobel! I really dig brainy chicks... and I don't just call her brainy 'cuz she's going to grad school.

@Swedishguy: Still looking for an opportunity to use forced bi as a forfeit. Haven't found it yet, but not giving up either.

@Disappointed: Well, sorry you were disappointed. But when I said that he could have won (I actually said that any of them could have won), I didn't mean that he wanted to lose, I just meant that he (and the other two as well) played foolishly and failed to act strategically. If you're in a three-player game where the winner of each round picks who has to strip, the obvious best strategy is to form an alliance with one of the other players to only strip the third player. Or if that's impossible (as it was for Patrick here, since the two girls formed a natural alliance of their own) then whenever you win, always strip the player who's closest to losing. Since there's only one ultimate loser, you want to make sure that that loser is chosen as quickly as possible. Patrick may have been outnumbered, but he still could have won if he'd picked just one of his opponents and made her strip every chance he'd gotten.

I don't like players who play to lose, and I don't think I had one here. I think Patrick's loss stemmed from poor strategy and perhaps a msiguided sense of fair play (wanting to strip a girl who was ahead rather than picking on a girl who was behind), definitely not from any desire to lose.

But what I don't understand is exactly what's "gay" about this forfeit. There is only one guy. How can you have gay sex with just one guy? How can a girl performing a sex act on a guy be gay? Is it because gays have anal sex, therefore anything going into a guy's butt makes it gay? That doesn't make sense. Lesbians lick pussies, does that make it gay for a guy to go down on a girl?

I'm sorry you're frustrated, and you're absolutely correct that this sort of clip appeals to a minority of fans. But just because they're a minority doesn't mean I shouldn't cater to them. I've said this before and I'll say it again: one of the things I really dig about the a la carte clip store format (as opposed to the monthly membership format) is that it frees me to make clips that have niche appeal. If you don't like a clip, you don't have to buy it. I hope the clips coming up in the future are more to your taste.

@FederBear17: Yeah, I found out very early on that it was better to roll the dice and let chance (and skill) dictate the outcome than to rig the games to have the outcome I want. There's just no substitute for the genuine excitement, nervousness, and other emotions you can only get through realism. (Or I suppose through having great actors, but that's not what these players are.)

You won't have to wait too long to see the new players. You'll see them first (Olivia, Mouna, Grace, and Bob) in Episode 365.

@Seahawks82: Thank you very much for the praise! I try my best, and I'm incredibly grateful that I get to do this.

@Jeroen: That's goodf advice, and in fact I have cleared the set in the past for particularly embarrassing forfeits and/or shy loses. (Julie was famous for making me leave the set before she'd agree to perform forfeits that stretched her limits.) But as for accommodating the loser, Amber kinda threw that out the window when she selected the big dildo for poor Patrick's butt, leaving the small one for his mouth. Made all of us wince to see that.

Johnny said...

I have a question for you guys. Do the graphics we added to the Pod Stomp games add anything to the experience for you? I ask because it's a lot of extra work to get those graphics in there. If you don't care about them one way or the other we'll probably stop putting them in. However, if they add something to the experience that you would prefer to have then we'll keep it up. Any input you have on this issue will be listened to closely. Thanks a lot!

Johnny said...

@dissapointed: I'm going to second Red on this one. Anything that happens between people of the opposite sex is not a homosexual act. i know many straight guys who like to be pegged by a female but would never touch a male. It's not my thing either, but it's certainly not gay.

Johnny said...

and Patrick did show poor strategy, but i can tell you for a fact he would rather have won.

Anonymous said...


I liked this game although I'm sure that like a lot of people I would have liked a different outcome. I would have loved Jennie to lose. Just wondered if there are more games to come with these players or if you will be shooting with them again?

One suggestion I would make is that if you do this game again then rather than have a winner of ech round pick someone to lose the round just have the first loser of each round take something off.

Also love the use of cards to get a random order of clothes to be removed. I think you should do this more often.


Red said...

@thefoxer: There is one more game with these players to come, Episode 366. But I'll definitely try to get Jennie back for more. There have been so many requests to see more of her.

I agree, I should've just played each round to one loser. The game would have been over much faster, and with a different loser.

I'm glad you liked the clothing cards used to choose what article is stripped from the loser. I'll use 'em more often.

RS said...

I liked this game. But the nice thing about this site is that you pay by the clip, so you only have to pay for the ones you want. There are other clips on the site that I choose not to play for, but I don't complain about their presence.

Also, I know plenty of straight guys who enjoy getting pegged. It's who you're with, not what you do, that makes it a gay or straight sex act.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore I've seen many ladies posting that they want to see males losing. I hope that they get to buy clips that satisfy them. Even if I chose not to buy it I hope it made the women happy. I'd like to see more women in the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Loved watching this video!


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you, it's not really important if the strapon action is gay or not.

i understand that this "special fetish stuff" is great opportunity to earn some extra cash and those who loeves it are willing to pay good mony for anything containing their "topic".

I hate obviously fixed outcomes, i also not prefer such games that does not contain any form of player choices or are too monotonous. Such games can by skipped. And if you skip the gaming there will remain just normal amateur porn, thet is quite expensive.

Please focus on improving the games to be interesting. If the game cannot be tracked and understood for the viewer it'll be boring. I'am afraid that only development and improvement in recentyears are those "fetish forfeits" not better games bringing some thrill to the gaming.
I think that best game used is the memory (especially the one played by Cory and other two girls). Some games may be interesting for players but not for viewers (older battlestrips without infographics, noname etc)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Hey you got me to come back after over a year off with this clip! Now I am crawling through the past year's posts to see what else I missed.

Also I see you have Star showing up... she has the most difficult name to google search... a porn star... named star..

She did some other fetish stuff I am into, quicksand and choking... will be sure to swip my visa for whatever it is she ends up in here. Looking for it!