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Friday, September 29, 2017

Popping cherries

I love, love, love it when people do things at LostBets.com that they've never done before on camera. I love it even more when they do things that they've never done before, period. That happened last weekend, and it was great, especially since it was totally unexpected by me and the player.

The weekend's shoots that I talked about last week didn't go as planned. The hot Brazilian sisters flaked at the last minute, leaving me scrambling to find players. Fortunately Dylan came through for us with a couple of friends. Carmen returns and she's even wilder than she was last time. Also joining them was their friend Nancy.

We also did some more playing around with our homemade panoramic 3D rig. If you have an Oculus Rift, or a Google Daydream View, or an HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear VR, or similar, here's the promo above in 3D:

If that's too low resolution or if you have trouble playing it in Blogger's shitty player, there's a better version available for download at this link.

Speaking of things we've never seen here before, Avi, Sparrow, Julie, Kyle, and Hope are back today in Episode 586. Tickling fans will probably like it, but it might be a good idea to check the clip category before buying. On the other hand, if you want to be surprised by what happens, try to avoid looking at the category.

UPDATE: I should make it clear that nobody actually had a cherry popped, meaning that nobody had any orifice penetrated for the first time. But Geneva was exposing her nude body to a camera and to the world for the first time, and that wasn't the only thing she did for the first time either.


Jason Pinaster said...

Glad you made it through the weekend!


Unknown said...

Omg you totally got me excited thinking this meant popping cherries as in guys doing anal for the first time. Oh well, we will have to wait. Thanks Red!!!

Red said...

@Jason: Oh yes, survived and thrived. I've got something to say about the value of carefully preplanning shoots, but it can wait.

@Maria: Oh shit. I should have made plain that there were no literal (or the most common figurative use) popping of cherries. The shoots in question were girls only. I just meant that Geneva did things she'd never done before. Exposing her naked body to a camera and a wide audience was just the first of these. Sorry if you're disappointed.

Bammy said...

Hey Red! Have you filmed any more scenes with Selah? I saw that she posted on here a few weeks ago asking for work. I know she has some old scenes (from 2013) coming out in November.

Anonymous said...


Did you use any of the forfeits from the last thread?

Also, any update on the 3D printer? You teased that game so long ago!


Anonymous said...

hi Red,
i would have a question to ask you:
episode 425 on http://www.lostbetsgames.com/site/future was scheduled for April 7, but was not released. when will it be published?

Anonymous said...

Any news about the 600th episode? What idea you gonna chose?


Juparelajo said...

oh Red, what Maria was saying sounded so good. Give us some male players risking it all ;) Cheers!!

Red said...

@Bmmy: No, I have not shot with Selah lately. The timing didn’t work out last time and I don’t know if our paths will cross again. We’ll see.

@RN: The sudden last-minute scramble to pull the shoot together left me unable to spend as much time as I’d have liked looking over the suggestions, but yes, several of the ideas presented on that thread and others were used. And I got a pretty nice POV with Sassy with two endings, both of which fulfilled requests I’ve had for a long time.

As for the 3D scanning episode with Stefanie, it’s been delayed because I really want to include a time lapse of the sexy models being printed, and my 3D printer has been on the fritz. But Hippo’s going to print them on his ridiculously OP delta printer, so hopefully we’ll see it soon.

@Anon 9:46 (please sign your posts): I don’t actually run the membership site, lostbetsgames.com. I produce all the content and sell it on the LostBets.com Clips4Sale Store as individual clips, but I also license my content to lostbetsgames.com, and they’re responsible for what they publish and when they publish it. You can contact them at support@lostbetsgames.com.

@swedishguy: A few ideas, yes, but I'm going to play my cards close to the vest on this one, at least for now.

@Juparelajo: I agree that it sounded awesome but it might be hard to pull off. I can certainly try though.

Anonymous said...

does Dylan have anything else online?